Equipment Hire

All equipment must be returned by the date agreed unless an arrangement has been made to extend the term of hire. Failure to do this will result in BELS & TL charging the full replacement value of the item hired.

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All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and on return will be inspected – deposits will be returned providing:

  1. No damage has occurred during the term of hire (this excludes normal wear and tear).
  2. Equipment has been cleaned to an acceptable standard this will be at BELS & TL discretion).

All buggy covers are removable and will fit into a standard size washing machine (40°c).

terms of hire

terms of hire

Please note that the equipment you have loaned may still be under warranty, please contact us asap if any repairable damage is caused as it may be easily rectified.

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Toy Library Membership

Toy Library Membership is £6 per child for a year. They are then allowed two toys per month.
Two proofs of address will be needed for hiring equipment or if joining the toy library.